The Steering Committee (SC) is limited to seven (7) members. Each member is appointed for five (5) years. In normal circumstances, each year the member(s) appointed five years earlier leave the SC, and are replaced by new member(s) as indicated below. Incoming SC members are chosen by SC decision among the Program Chairs (PCs) of the last 3 LFMTP workshops (independent of whether that leads to consecutive terms). In special circumstances (namely bootstrapping, not enough eligible persons per above rules, second or third vacancy in the same year) the current SC is allowed to select members outside the above categories.

Decision making

A decision is deemed approved by the SC by majority rule; votes that end in ties are not approved.

The SC votes one of its members SC chair, with a 2 year mandate.

The SC chair is the official representative of the SC within LFMTP and the official interface between the SC and the outside world. The chair is expected to lead the discussion within the SC and coordinate the activities of the SC.

Duties (based on the ACM guidelines)

The SC is responsible for

  • making changes to the bylaws
  • appointing the LFMTP PC (and other persons involved in the organization of one edition of LFMTP), and specifying their duties
  • making decisions on matters that have a lasting consequences on LFMTP workshop, such as: the scope, topics of interests, publication venues
  • making decisions on information sharing infrastructures to promote interaction and dissemination of ideas in the LFMTP community, such as mailing lists, repositories, web sites.

Business Meetings

Each LFMTP workshop is preceeded by Business Meeting (BM), which is initiated by the SC chair (or a deputy from the SC) and conducted by email. The BM typically disccuses the following items:

  • a report on the current LFMTP workshop;
  • a discussion of next year’s LFMTP workshop


The by-laws were last changed in the Business Meetings 2019 and 2020.